Image by Denin Lawley


Inked Dip is a durable coating Manufactured in South Africa that protects OEM Vehicle paint from scratches and UV Rays while giving clients the ability to customise their vehicle in over 12 000 colours in either a Matt or Gloss finish.​


Inked Dips Peelable Automotive Paint will provide a durable protective coating for up to two years, after which it can be removed from the vehicle by Peeling it off, leaving the original car paint undamaged.

Available in a Crystal Clear so that you can keep the standard look of your car while protecting it from scratches.

Customise individual panels or entire vehicles, Inked Dip can even be used on emblems and rims!

Protect Your Car, In Style.



For sales & distribution or general enquiries please contact South Africas official distributor or Inked Dip RRR STYLIN'.